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About Fletcher Pierson

Magic is real.

At least, I think so - I'm pretty sure I've experienced it firsthand. From the shared breath of the ensemble - to the cramped truck full of disassembled set pieces - magic manifests itself in art and the people who make it.

Join me as I travel Chicago and the country to learn contemporary artist's methods and theories, and discover their stories, their dreams, and their favorite moments of magic. Some Small Magic is an interview series about path and craft - how they affect each other, and how they have shaped and been shaped by the artist who wields them. SSM is also committed to providing an archival, ad-free experience - Patreon support enables Some Small Magic to exist as an unbiased, firsthand account of the lives of these artists.

I love making this show - but it takes a lot of time and work. I do all the research, administration, interviewing, and editing myself. It's a pleasure, and I'm so glad I get to make it happen, but it's very time-consuming, and if I want to keep this project a priority, I need some kind of financial support. Your Patreon pledges and word-of-mouth endorsement keeps these stories alive, and it lets me keep making sure they get heard.
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