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Hey, I play video games online. For now I'm just going to see where it goes, but if it becomes sustainable I do have other more ambitious projects I'd like to share in the future.

All donations will go towards making the stream better, I'll start with equipment and if I get enough support I will start to line up new content and see about collaborating with the community to see where things should improve next.
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Thanks for your support! I'll give you a shout out on stream each month as well!
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Thank you for your extra support! I will give you a shout out on stream as well as the link to my discord.
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Huge thanks to this amount of support! Shout out, discord link, and I'll add you in game to play sometime.
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Thank you, in addition to everything mentioned before this tier lets you pick a game for me to play on stream. I will give it at least a couple hours of play whether or not its troll.. (sorry no on can handle as much Farm Simulator as you) If I really enjoy it though I'll probably finish it.
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