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About Sometimes a Mimic

Whats Going on Here?

Sometimes a Mimic uses 3d models, custom textures and filter work to create compelling and interesting people, places and things for tabletop RPG players and storytellers to help bring their characters and stories to life.

With more than 20 years experience playing and running games Sometimes a Mimic is focused on creating things you'll love to take to your game and show off, whether as a player you're showing everyone what your character really looks like, or as a Storyteller bringing a battle-map to make your next life and death combat session really pop!

How do I get in on this?

With a combination of free and paid tiers we'll have lots of cool things for you to look at and take home to your tables.
Paid tiers are on a monthly basis, with differing tiers offering different glimpses into what is being created here.
You will only be billed up front for the first time, and then at the start of each month going forward.

Lets get started telling awesome stories!

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