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During my formative years our family were frequent visitors to the Birger Sandzen Gallery in Lindsborg, Kansas. Sandzen, a Swedish immigrant, settled in Lindsborg, worked, taught and became an integral part of the Lindsborg/Bethany College community. If you visit the gallery, you will find huge canvases of bold impressionistic renderings of the massive landscape of the American West. These paintings, when viewed from a distance, capture not only the natural beauty of the land, but also the essence of the American West experience. Sandzen first visited the Rocky Mountains in 1908. It was this visit that captured his imagination and sparked his enthusiasm for the grand landscape.

I have loved the Rocky Mountains since my first visit too, although I was four years old at the time. I was captivated by the same enthusiasm that Sandzen must have felt. Since then I have broadened my appreciation to encompass what can best be called the American West; the Rocky Mountains, the the vast Prairie Ecosystem sometimes called the Great Plains, the Desert Southwest, the Oregon High Desert, the iconic vastness.

Much of the Rocky Mountain landscape has changed dramatically since 1908 and the prairie ecosystem, the Tallgrass Prairie from earlier yet. Some of the land has been protected from development and remains much the same, but much has also been developed and most lands will have many, many times the number of visitors who might have been there sometime in 1908. Of the vast tall grass prairie, only four percent remains. I seek to create visual media with modern photographic and video production equipment that might have been produced early in the 20th Century. In addition, I seek to find visually creative opportunities that share much the same bold palette of colors that Sandzen used to render his artistic vision of the land. Although I seek my own vision as an artist, it is most certainly true that Sandzen has had a profound effect on me.

I am currently creating a series of photographs and video documentary programs called Somewhere Off The Beaten Path. The first episode is The Prairie. My goal is to produce similar, high quality, well-written and produced documentaries of other areas and ecosystems. Some of these may be in danger of loss or degradation. Others may simply be beautiful and interesting.

Please visit the Somewhere off the Beaten Path YouTube Channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCiBED343BnUypllut71-kdg/about?pbjreload=10 

As an artist working in photography and video production I aim to produce photographs and programs that are both technically excellent and a visually pleasing rendering of my artistic vision. In the end visual media isn’t a portrayal of what you, either the creator or the viewer see, it’s an expression of what you feel. I hope my photographs and programs accomplish this for you, I hope you enjoy them, and that you are moved by them. Thank you very much for your interest and support. If you've found my work valuable, I hope you will share it and this Patreon page with others.

David J. Drew
Somewhere North of the Arkansas and South of the Platte

©David J. Drew. All photographs and videos are the exclusive intellectual property of David J. Drew and are protected under United States copyright law and the Berne International Copyright Convention.
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If you remember "Alistair Cooke's America" on Public TV, I aspire to that level of writing and production value. This goal will support travel and production costs to continue the Somewhere off the Beaten Path series.
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