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Recruits are soldiers new to the cause, but are just as important and valuable as any other members of the Somnium Army. They managed to pass through basic training and are now able to participate in simple events for the cause. 

The Somnium Command Center rewards Recruits with:
💠 Access to monthly character sheets.

💠 Your name  on appreciation page on the comic of your choice.

💠Access to Patreon-Only Post.

💠 Access to the first 20 Chapters of Prisms before public!

💠 Our Sincerest Thank you!

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Specialist are the backbone of the Somnium Army; they have successfully passed the basic and special training of the Somnium Army. Most of them are committed to the cause.

The Somnium Command Center has rewarded Specialist with

💠 Previous Rewards

💠Sneak Peaks of Future Episodes.

💠Access to  Unique Character Sketches every 10th and 20th of the month.

With the Specialist's help, The Somnium Command Center can give rations to the Creators. 

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Veterans are experienced members that are dedicated to the Somnium Army; they have seen and done just about everything in the army.

Somnium Command Center awards Veterans with:

💠 Previous Rewards

💠Access to the backstage of Somnium Inc.

💠 Access to textless pages of  The Last Horizon

💠 Discord Invite Code to hang out with our staff.

With the Veterans help, the Somnium Command Center can continuously make web comics  without delay!




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About Somnium Studio

Somnium Inc. is a studio based in the United States. We bring stories to life in the form of Webcomics and games. Join us on our journey to unravel mysteries, travel through times, and so much more. 
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The $50 goal is to help fund the novel "Alagam" written by Rao.

With your help, Rao can bring this intense story of thriller and action. More info will be posted on our Patreon Page. 
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