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About Monty Harper

Please Make a Pledge

Welcome to my Patreon page! On Patreon you can support artists by pledging a small amount of money per new work posted. Please make a pledge per song to support my musical collaborations with kids. Thank you!

Upcoming Projects

  • September 2014 - Sangre Ridge Elementary in Stillwater - 4 songs 

What I Do

I collaborate with 2nd through 5th grade classrooms in and around Stillwater, OK, to create original songs. The kids do most of the actual writing - words and music. I direct the process and fill in the gaps as needed.

I always try and connect students' songwriting projects with something larger than themselves. In one residency we wrote songs for the City of Stillwater to help promote their new curbside recycling program (see the video above). In another we wrote songs inspired by The City of Ember, which the 4th graders were reading in Language Arts.

Why I Do This

I’m a professional songwriter and a total songwriting geek. I love sharing my knowledge and skill with kids. They always challenge and surprise me, and help me grow as an artist and a person.

The most touching experience I've had writing songs with kids was with a 5th grade class who used their song to memorialize the teacher they'd lost earlier in the year to cancer. It was the first chance the kids had as a group to express their feelings about what had been a very difficult year.

I strive to give each student an authentic arts experience, a chance to collaborate, explore, and express themselves through song. I like to think I'm planting the seeds for the next generation of creators and supporters of the arts.

Why I Need Your Help

I’m always challenged to provide the best experience I can for as many kids as possible on a tight schedule with a limited budget. Your patronage is a gift of extra money, energy, and time that I can invest in my students. Just $1 or more per song will help enrich my students’ songwriting experience while providing a measure of financial stability for a worthy endeavor.

What Your pledge Will Do!

Needs vary from project to project, but each time I post a song, I will let you know exactly how your patronage made a difference.

Here are some specific items on my wish list:

  • A home studio recording of every song. Right now residency students usually get this; workshop students usually don’t. A little extra funding would allow me to provide this service to everyone.
  • New software and equipment. I can always use software upgrades, better microphones, more drum loops and instruments, etc. to improve the quality and efficiency of my work.
  • A CD for each participating child. Students can’t always access the songs I post online. It would be awesome for all students to receive a tangible souvenir of their hard work!
  • Inspiration. Occasionally we start a residency with a field trip, art project, or visiting educator. It would be great to provide something special to spark students’ creativity every time!
  • Community concerts. It would be validating for the kids to get the chance to perform their creations in front of a public audience!
  • Videos. We rarely get the chance to showcase students’ work on YouTube. Simple slide-show style videos would be great, and production videos like the one above even better!
  • Professional recordings of some songs. I’d love to make a “best of” CD each year with live musicians in a professional recording studio!
  • Financial footing. It’s very possible that current funding sources will diminish or disappear. With enough patronage, such a turn need not mean the end of my work with kids!

How Much to Pledge

Any amount per song will be greatly appreciated! Rewards are listed below. 

At the end of each month your credit card will be charged your pledge amount, multiplied by the number of songs I posted that month. There will be months when I don’t post any new songs, so you will be charged $0. There will be months when I post three or four or six or even ten songs. It's difficult to predict, but I may write as many as 20-30 songs with students over the course of a year.

I'll keep you informed about new residencies and workshops and the number of songs coming up. I post weekly updates to the Patron’s feed, which you can elect to receive by email. You can adjust your pledge as you go, and you can put a monthly limit on the amount you will be charged.

See “Upcoming Programs” above to find out how many songs are currently planned in the coming months.

To learn more about Patreon and how pledging works,  check out the FAQ.

Thank you!

$14 of $25 per Song

I'll buy a midi keyboard controller to use in the classroom.
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