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A fan of Sonic the Hedgehog? Interested in rare and retro Sonic merchandise? Then you’ve come to the right place

Who we are! Hello and thank you for checking out my Patreon page. I am Sonic The Comic Reviews, also known as Darren, and have been creating Sonic The Comic related videos on YouTube for several years.
First things first:

What is Fleetway’s Sonic the Comic? Fleetway’s Sonic the Comic was the UK's official Sega comic that ran from 1993 to 2002 following the escapades of not only Sonic, but a huge range of quirky characters, many of which existed only in the Fleetway Universe.

What I do at Sonic the Comic Reviews! I've been producing content from the Sonic The Comic series for over 5 years and aim to continue the legacy of this fantastic comic book series, to keep it fresh and to honour the works of the extremely talented staff who worked on it. From the editors and writers to the artists and letterers, all of my videos contain the credits to the original staff involved. I have been reading Sonic The Comic for over 24 years and don't plan to stop now.

My goal! My goal is to share my love of the Sonic The Comic and to continue its legacy to new and existing fans.

Why pledge? I would love to be able to put more time into making higher quality content videos for you all to enjoy. Pledges to my Patreon, regardless of how much, give me more time to produce better and higher quality content for you all. I have many plans to work on Top 10's, factual based theory's, interviews, what ifs, best moments, complete overall walk-through guides, in depth reviews, more streams and much much more, all relating to the world of Sonic The Comic. I also plan to review more Sonic The Hedgehog merchandise and games, both old, new, rare and retro. My current working schedule is very hectic and doesn't allow me much free time to work on my computer. All pledges made will allow me to take time out of my working schedule and put that time into making more content for you. If you enjoy my videos and would like to support me, it will really go a long way and I can't thank you enough for doing it.
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