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Sophie Lazar is a trained musician, bassist and studio engineer from Boston MA, based in Austin TX. Having started Agent Boston Records in 1991, her days of 7” record releases playing bass for a Ska group gave way to New York nights worshiping at the House of House Music at venues the likes of Danny Tenaglia's at "Be Yourself". She took this mantra to heart, and after relentless weekends tearing smoking holes in the dance floors of '90s & early-2000's New England Raves, she worked at Bristol Studios, Boston, training on a 24-track board to mix dance music with Viktor Kray of Ukraine. 

She plays a banging style of Classic House: driving tracks bordering on Techno with melodic strains of warm analog synth.

Sophie's: "Live PA" is: An in-person or podcast live electronic performance appearance, that she delivers with a synth / sampler rig for a unique set each time she lets it loose on the ears and chakras.

All music is written, composed & arranged solely by Sophie Lazar at AGENT BOSTON STUDIOS: She is currently supporting a collection of singles releases while wrapping up another set of soon-to-drop tracks that feature new arrangement styles, and creative energy driven by the need to explore and lay down the almighty dance groove. 

Exclusive content from the making of these new releases, and insights into the process behind them, is available by joining her and the Patreon family of enthusiastic fans from around the world.
Thank You to all! Reach out and connect!

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