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Thank you for your support. I'm never sure what to call the tiers because Patreon encourages creative uses of their fundraising platform. Let's call this an egg.
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If nothing else, let me be thematic. If you feel compelled to donate $5 or more, I can promise early access content and teasers as this page develops. 
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Patreon says it's all about staying thematic. I don't know. Do you feel compelled to give me more money? Jokes aside, You will get my promise to review any fiction work of yours of up to 2,000 words per month for spelling, grammar, and plot progression.



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Last Updated: 180626
Dear patrons and guests,

Welcome, my pseudonym is Sorre and I am honored that you've taken enough of an interest in my work, however little, to come visit my Patreon. As stated, I write fanfiction. This may change one day, I would love to find the time to write a full fantasy novel someday, but for the moment, this is my concentration. As many of you are aware, fanfiction authors are under a lot of controversy within the legal sphere so let me get the disclaimer out of the way first: I, Sorre, renounce all ownership of the source materials from which I derive my inspiration. It is not nor ever will be my intention to infringe upon the intellectual property rights of the original authors or otherwise deprive them of their rightful profit. Further, this Patreon will never be my primary source of income, nor will my intent be to write fanfictions for a living.

Now that that's out of the way, a bit more about me. I recently graduated with my Master's from a school in Washington, DC. My academic interests lie in international affairs, cybersecurity, and transnational security. I am a South Korean citizen, though that will hopefully change soon as I obtain my US citizenship. I began writing primarily as an outlet for my boredom, something to do apart from work and school, and kept at it. I look up to fanfiction authors The Straight Elf, Noodlehammer, Coeur al'Aran, Cross-Brain, and Third Fang among others. These writers inspire me and it is my hope that someday, I can be one of those authors for someone else out there.

You, as a reader, have no obligation whatsoever to donate to my Patreon. The notion of charging money for a fanfiction is repulsive and skirting far too close to illegal for a guy who one day wants a security clearance. That said, here is the obligatory "what donating gets you" section:
  • My sincere gratitude for helping to fund my hobby,
  • Punctual responses to your messages, critiques, and feedback,
  • My thought process into the creation of what I hope to be a book of my own,
  • My services as a beta reader and adviser to written works of your own,
  • Any posts I make on this page, including an ongoing discussion of life, my work, and hobbies.
Thank you for your consideration,

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Thank you for helping to reach my first goal. At this stage, I will do my best to update at least twice every month.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post