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There once was a man who overestimated his abilities to keep up with a stupidly vague list of Patreon rewards. 

That man is dead, and to commemorate him, we have built a wall. 

A memorial of sorts, to commemorate both our fallen hero, and the many brave souls who continuously gave him money inexplicably.   

$1 is all it takes to have your name put on the wall.  

It is both the most and least important dollar you'll ever spend.  

At first, our memorial will be as modest as the Patreon of old, in her early days. 

Soon, however, it will tower above us all, but still scroll by in the same amount of time. 

Gone are the days of outros that lasted for eons, GONE ARE THE DAYS OF LIMITED TIERS. 

Now is the time for roughly 30 seconds of INTENSE SCROLLING. IT CAN ONLY GET WORSE FROM HERE. 




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About Sorrow TV

Hi! My name is Sorrow, and I'm a voice actor. I make subreddit "Top Posts of All Time" videos, as well as song covers. I want to spend more time doing that.
$742 of $1,000 per month
If I can earn $1000 a month from Patreon, I'll make a video showcasing exactly what I would do with that thousand. You'll be able to see EXACTLY where your money is going. Also, I'll hold a giveaway, where 5 random Patrons will recieve an exclusive never-before-seen piece of Sorrow TV Merch! 
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