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About SoupaSoka

I play the games I enjoy playing, and I like to talk about the game, my life, my career as an infectious disease scientist, and current events while I game. My commentary style is calm and informative. My videos, apparently, help people fall asleep, relax, and occasionally (and accidentally) experience ASMR. You will never hear me yell at a game. I know loud-and-in-your-face YouTube personalities get the big bucks and I fully respect their success and art, but that's not the kind of video I enjoy watching... so, I decided to create videos my way. Simple, relaxing, and fun. And, thanks to your support as a viewer and/or Patron, I will be able to improve my production quality and release content on a increasingly consistent schedule.

All tiers provide access to my Discord, and Discord access is NOT revoked if you decide to no longer be a Patron at a later date. If you don't want to or cannot afford to be a Patron, you can still reach me via DM @SoupaSokaGaming on Twitter or Soupa#9122 on Discord and I will do my best to respond within a few days.
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At 50 patrons, I'll be able to consistently commission artwork for my videos; not only thumbnails, but creative efforts for larger videos I have in-mind that are beyond my limited artistic capability. This will also reduce time spent working on videos, increasing my overall video output.
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