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Welcome to Space Bee's                                                       

To friends, fans, sponsors, sci-fi lovers & dreamers, science amateurs and aerospace engineers:

Space honey (technology) is the most highly prized commodity in the known universe for any wanna bee.

Space Bee is about 'cherry picking' on the best of space honey available. The purpose is to  create a science R&D program, meant to highly evolve an experiment in design & propulsion. The simulations are evolving into 'real world' generations as we reach more satisfactory levels of confidence to qualify the experiment as achievable, build-able,  trustworthy, somewhat affordable, unimaginably manœuvrable, ultra comfortable, maintenance free and manageable.

Each generation brings new levels of understanding necessary to move forward and transcend some of the most inherent natural-artificial limitations in aerospace, hence for this project being in the science section. 

The Bee-files long term evolution (LTE) starter kit :

Subsonic Retro Bees - (Simulation 1) 
Moon Bee - (Simulation 2)
Old School Bees  - (Simulation 3)
Xperimental Bee - (Simulation 4)
New School Bees  - (Simulation 5)
AeroBee (earthbound civilian edition) - Generation 6
SpaceBee ('walk in the park' space civilian edition) - Generation 7
Mother of the warrior Bees ( B-wing space fighter) - Generation 8
USS Queen Bee-Holder (interstellar ship carrier ) - Generation 9

The development of new miniature particle accelerators, 5 cm in diameter, opens the door to a significant reduction of size of XL\L space ships and an introduction to slightly more sophisticated forms. The experiment ultimately aims and proposes for the integration of complementary field propulsion systems:  mass inversion field generators within the 'wings' (in various degrees of freedom) and the exterior fuselage, used in conjunction to a military grade twin positron-electron scattering polarization tech, integrated on the edges on the 'wings'. 

At some point, the capacity to reunite civilian and military space vessels designs, within one similar envelope of appropriate characteristics to each sector, will simply be of the essence for the *birth* of a vibrant space industry. 

The goal is to present the project as an evolutionary  science story, with a focus on the 'how to build in the real world (3d printers, materials...), starting from generation 6. There is always a next step in a grand experiment. 

 To all of our patrons & sponsors, thanks !


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This project is a  massive undertaking .. for the benefit of the viewer. Aside from the presentation, I am looking forward bringing together a small team of video fx artists and one video&sound editor to help.

All of video renderings  are done on one computer. Making animations take quite a long time.. Even for one dedicated 16 threads cpu, it easily takes up to  two months for a 10 minutes preview of a CinéMax class vessel (that does not include 3D cad work, design, texturing, overall colors,  the camera settings and finding appropriate music). 

All money collected will (strictly) go towards the production of the show and the creation of the various starship designs.

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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