is creating baking and decorating cake_ onlin classes
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The list of heroes in my expected site💪
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If you were interested in your name in the list of heroes in my site is expected to be equipped with your help, of course ... If you support me, invalid $ 10 only

You are one of the heroes, but let the world know that you helped me in the list of the founding team and they are what I call heroes ...




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About Hanan

Hello, Heroes 💪

How much I love to teach cake and sweets to women especially from places of war ... I feel responsible for developing their skills in the field of bread, cake decoration and marketing ... I would like to be part of their success ... but unfortunately !!!😞

I do not have the money to buy a professional camera to shoot a professional and also to add a technical editing ....

Heroes 💪. Do you allow that you be part of achieving my dream....

Hanan Abed from Libya, specifically North Africa ... ... I am even trying to succeed in the war against my beloved country

I wish you peace wherever you are ...

Thank you for being a hero thank you for helping


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My first goal is to buy a professional Canon camera and a cake mixing machine with a beautiful pink color ... I dream of buying them day and night ... ?
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