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About Specialhead

Thank you guys for your constant support. 
It's my life's mission to change the world through my performances.
I want to inspire love, unity and tolerance of all cultures and peoples.

Join me on this grand adventure and you too will get closer to the answers you seek.
We are One Human Family.
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The Heads are friends who appreciate my message to the world. Thank you for your support.
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 The heads will receive a special one-on -one Live video chat with me at any time you prefer. 

This is a Live Q&A free for all where you can ask me anything regarding life, magic and my special technique. 

(excluding teaching you how to levitate) 

The Gold club
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Members of the Gold club will receive the Ultimate fan package, this includes;

-1 Specialhead Original music CD

-3 Stickers

-1 T-Shirt

$5 of $500 per month
Once I reach $500 per month I will Hire an editor to help me release 2 videos per week instead of 1.
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