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About Specialized Parenting

Welcome to Specialized Parenting! My name is Jim Brennan and I am your host and tour guide through the myriad of topics we cover here to help you navigate the world of parenting a child with special needs.

Regardless of diagnosis, or even whether you have a diagnosis, parenting a child who experiences the world differently than their peers can present challenges that are not always easy to navigate and understand. The good news is that there is a lot of knowledge, resources and experiences out there. My goal is to help you find them through discussions with a variety of credible experts on many relevant topics.

We hope you will agree with us that the job of “parenting” in this context is not limited to a biological mother or father. There is information here for anyone who shares their life experience with someone with special needs. And that job can be a lifelong experience. Relationships evolve, but we never ‘age out’ of our desire to be an effective and knowledgeable support for the people in our lives.

So come along and be part of the conversation!

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