is creating broadcasts of speedrun events and competitions.
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About SpeedGaming

Hello I'm feasel.  I created the SpeedGaming channels because I love speedrunning and I want to allow speedrun communities to show off their talents to as broad an audience as possible.  I also want to create a thriving community of runners and commentators who really push the envelope of what speedrun competition can be.

Every day we broadcast a variety of speedrun-related events, races, tournaments, and marathons and make it available for free to everyone.  SpeedGaming streams to the channels http://twitch.tv/SpeedGaminghttp://twitch.tv/SpeedGaming2http://twitch.tv/SpeedGaming3, and http://twitch.tv/SpeedGaming4.  We post all our races to YouTube at http://youtube.com/SpeedGamingChannel.

I devote myself full-time to the SpeedGaming channels, and it's something I believe strongly in.  I work 7 days a week to keep things running, along with the help of a small staff and an pool of generous volunteers.  Your support will help us keep the channels running indefinitely, and even expand what we do to include more of the events and competitions you want to see.

Thank you so much to everyone who has supported SpeedGaming!  It's because of you that we can provide you with great speedrun entertainment every single day.


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