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Thanks mate! At this tier, and all subsequent tiers, you will gain access to some Patreon-only posts.  These might include some random video & SpeedLore ideas, thumbnails I've made for videos I'm still working on, and other stuff like that.  Thank you!

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At this tier, you'd be supporting me more than you would with a $5 Twitch subscription.  Yeah, Twitch takes that much more than Patreon.  It's a great deal! Thanks!

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At this tier, I will thank you for your support by including your name in an endcard at the end of each SpeedLore episode!  Those who make it to the end of each episode will know you as we know you... the SpeedLore Legend!




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About SpeedLore

My friends!  2020 is upon us, so it's time for another year of epic speedrun content creation.  And with your help, we can make this the best year yet!

I would love to do 10 episodes of GoldenEye 007 SpeedLore... we have some really amazing stages & dramatic stories left to tell this year.  And it's time to give some historic stages like Train Secret Agent & Caverns 00 Agent the SpeedLores they deserve!  And I'd love to get a few Perfect Dark episodes done, as well as trying out the SpeedLore format in another game or two!

Thanks to this Patreon, my work on this SpeedLore series has more direction and purpose than ever.  It is my duty to tell these stories, celebrating the amazing achievements of others, inspiring viewers to attempt & work towards greatness, and elevating the remarkable feats & efforts of the deserving.

Any pledge is sincerely appreciated and will echo through the halls of speedrunning history forever, as you'll have directly contributed to our ability to tell these stories.  Thank you so much, and here's to another truly remarkable year of speedrunning content!

SpeedLore YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVZzJEtr86OZXzda...
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I will do a 2010's "Decade in Review" episode, going over about 3-4 of the most important WRs set in each year of the 2010's in GoldenEye & Perfect Dark.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
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