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Featured in a video!
Thanks for supporting me! You will have your name put into the credits of my future videos, and given a shoutout during my livestreams! Make sure to email or PM for what you want to be recognized as!
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Art and a shoutout!
Anyone who chooses this amount gets a drawing (pencil, sent digitally) and the shoutouts listed in the $1 tier! *Keep in mind I really only draw in my style or Sonic characters* Just make sure to email me or PM me for your reward! 
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Digital colored art!
To anyone who pledged this much, you get  the same rewards as the previous 2 goals,  but your drawing is digitally done AND colored!




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Hey guys! My name is Juvi Luna, I go by SpeedSpark a lot, and this is my patreon! I do a lot of things in my free time like playing Super Smash Bros. competitively, and collecting Sonic The Hedgehog merch. However, I spend a lot of my time drawing and making YouTube videos! I've only gotten to the point where I am today because of the people I've met along the way, and I'd like to bring you guys along for the journey. By becoming a patron, you would help me create better products for viewers to enjoy and would be the stepping stone for my future as a content creator. 

Life is your adventure, but it's always better when shared with someone else. 
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Getting things started!

We have some supporters!! This will be a reminder of where we started! Will be used to pump out videos on a weekly schedule. 
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