is creating 3D Models in Maya and Zbrush
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Thank you so much
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Whelp you've already gone way past my expectations so thanks for that. If you want me to make something simplistic I will be more than happy too. 
Well now this is unexpected
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Thank you for going beyond my expectations. This is a bit odd for me I wasn't really expecting anything bigger than the first tier. Well as a thank you I will make you something with a bit more detail compared to the first tier.
Above and beyond
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Alright you are putting a lot of trust into me. So if you want me to make something I don't mind at all, I'll try to go all in with it!




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About Lancer

Hello there person who is reading this before I go any further let me thank you for even checking out my page, it honestly means more to me than you would think (that's a cheesy line I know but its the truth). My names Cooper but most people know me as Lancer. I have been learning how to create 3D models using Maya and Zbrush for around a year and a half now although my history with 3D modeling and animation goes further than that. I've started this patreon purely out of the idea that with peoples requests I may become more skilled with the programs and make things that people would really like. I'm currently going to school to learn even more about how to properly create models that would be considered Industry standard. 

Seeing how I am currently in school at the moment I will be a bit preoccupied with the work from that but never the less I will try to be as active as I possibly can. So if you have anything that you think would be cool for me to make you'll know where to find me. Also I am still learning so anything that I make might be a bit rough, though that's just what one should expect from an amateur such as myself. To anyone who's read this far thank you and I hope you have a good day.
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As silly as this sounds this goal will pretty much boost my confidence when it comes to my skills in modeling and would probably make me want to try even harder than I already do.

If this goal is ever reached I would be extremely happy and also become more proactive in the future.
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