Spencer Lupton

is creating Maple Story Fan Art
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Maple Leaf
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Just like within the game, every leaf counts.  Thank you so much for giving me one!  You rock!
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I could totally buy a new mount in the game with this!  But I promise I wont, I'll use it responsibly for bills so I can continue my art!
Maple Strong!
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You are wonderful!  Thank you so much for believing in me, I'll do one ava drawing for you!  Send me a pic of what yours is, and tell me the style that you want it done in!




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About Spencer Lupton

Hello Maplers!

I'm so happy that you have found me, or maybe I found you and sent you here!

With the launch of our new app I have felt a resurgencey to do some MapleStory fanart.

I've always loved the cute styles of the characters, but since I am so well versed in the knowledge and history of the game I find it is fun and easy for me to draw your custom avatar.  I also do wide scenes from each relm and if you are interested in anything at all just message me for a private piece.