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Hello Incoming Spiran!

My name is Ivy, and I am the author and game-builder for the world of Spira, a massive in-depth setting for TTRPG and my various short and long-form stories. The world of Spira is a unique, realistic fantasy setting that deals with the societal prejudice and social upheaval that comes from a massive, continent-spanning war. I write stories in this setting and run TTRPG games on my twitch channel.

I also develop video-games, with a few main projects currently in the works! I love to release short experiences, and you can expect to see more than a few on this page!

If you want to read the introduction page for Spira, it is currently here.

Current Project

The current book I am writing for this setting, of which this Patreon supports, is Tales from the Spire, a collection of 20 short stories that detail various important stories from the world of Spira. Rough Draft Chapters are posted on this Patreon. 

10 of these stories will follow Amphi, a drow adventurer, as she lives in the city of Vision and tries to eke out a living amidst a culture flooded with an anti-elf sentiment. This will be divided into 3 arcs and will connect with the various other stories in major and minor ways.

The other 10 will focus on more experimental short stories, with a few of them connecting in 2 story arcs. These will focus on various characters throughout the Spiran canon and their troubles adjusting to a world in the shadow of war and prejudice.

I will follow a strict weekly release schedule, releasing one draft a week until I finish all 20 stories, pushing past if I feel the length of the book is lacking. 

Weekly Schedule

The weekly schedule will be as follows:
  • Monday: Statblock released
  • Tuesday: Worldbuilding article released
  • Wednesday: Statblock released
  • Thursday: Game update post released
  • Friday: Draft released
Patrons get access to content a week early and also get access to exclusive patron-only content.
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When I reach 800$ a month, I will begin to transition into full time writing and game development!
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