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Darkest Greetings!
I am Spiritus Leach "The Dark Prince" also known as The Dark Angel Of Shadows. Coming from Newark, NJ and hailing from Shadowlands. I am a Goth Artist, Pagan, Occultist that performs Spoken Word Poetry and creates music which is called Ghoulish Synth or Ghoulwave. All my life I was considered weird, strange etc, and unto this very day things haven't changed and after dealing with certain hardships, also going through a spiritual evolution I only became much more darker in time. I discovered the gateway to infinity when few would understand and I now choose to display my art to the world so please be sure to support my art and in the meantime more will come very soon!

-In darkness I will be waiting, In darkness I will be anticipating-Spiritus Leach "The Dark Prince" )0(

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