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i wil try not 2 fuk ur bich fer @ leest an day cuz u suportid me in mai tiem ov need - Spodermen
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A personal "tenk u" from Spodermen.
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Spodermen will personally tell you that you have sweg for a day. As well as all previously stated rewards.




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helo am spodermen n i maek vidioz on utueb fer an livin but utueb duznt giv me enuf moniez 2 suport mai new bb spoder n mai big mek adikshun. am heer askin u fer halp 2 maek mai vidioz betr n so dat i ken maek moar vidioz.
$5 of $200 per Video
We were thinking of getting a graphic designer to improve the quality of our characters so that we can make better merch and videos, but as it would turn out, graphic designers aren't cheap. With this amount given per video, we will be able to do it and make our current merch even better as well as add some snepbeks to the mixture.
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