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Hello and welcome, my fair and fellow spooks! Thank you for sparing a minute (or a few) to visit my fiber optic domain of the Patreon variety!
You all know that I love making things (painting, drawing) but I hope to be able to create and make such content full time. I have been moved tremendously by how positively my work has been received and that has been inspiring on it’s own. Much of what I make certainly has a darker aesthetic, inspired heavily by lore and fiction (that’s just what tickles my personal fancy). I like to think we often create what we consume and I’m no exception! Bring on those curiosities!

If you’re a friend, family, or just a wanderer on the web and would like to donate a monthly amount to little Spooky over here, then you’re certainly in for it! Obviously, no one is obligated to do anything - come and say hello on instagram! Either way, any money donated will be 100% put back into producing the best flavor of spooky art I know how to make!

All of the Patreon donations will be funding my art (necessary supplies and postage) and of course building a more intimate buyer base. I’ve found even my art makes people happy and I’d like to continue that contribution, as well as expanding on my connections with all of you. 

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