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Hey  Everyone... Welcome To SportsFreaksChat... Being an avid sports fanatic who self taught himself every single sport  since the age of 6. I'm every bit of a "SportsFreak" in today's eye popping, mouth dropping , heart stopping, era of sports.
At SportsFreaksChat we will bring you content that will quench your fanatical thrist of sports in a very creative uniquely,  epic way .
I'm so excited, estatic, & so elated to bring you some the awesome sports content, from all types of different sports, with opinions, facts & a bit of fake news... SPORTSFREAKSCHAT...

Now were trying something new... People everywhere has been telling me that SportsFreaksChat should expand & share my wealth of sports experiences with more people...  So I'm starting a blog... Help us out with a pledge please...

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We have some new, fresh, innovative ideas that will take sports fandom into a whole new & very unique sports fan experience...
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