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All Patrons will earn a place in the credits of any and all videos I produce as a special thank you for supporting me and the content I want to create for you!
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For those of you who are awesome enough to support me with this amount, you will not only be mentioned in the credits of any and all videos I produce but will also receive a completely custom poster design made by me as a thank you! 

This poster will be unique to you, will harbour no watermarks of any kind and will not be uploaded to the public internet other than the email I send it too! So it will be only for you! I'll even let you tell me what theme you want it to be!

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Not only will you get both gifts given in the previous rewards, you will also get added to a private group with me where you will  be able to not only have insight into what is happening before anyone else, but also be involved in the story creation of any projects you wish.




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An SPK Projects And Mikey’s Vlog Life Production,
In Association with Dani Filthette Model and Artist,

Presents: "The Collectors"

Directed by:
Mikey Hey and Spyke O’Hanlin

The Collectors in an improvised short film shot on a Canon EOS 70D. It's a crime, action comedy with a twist. Following a group of 3 individuals after a Heist they had just performed, they now race to the drop off point, but what transpires is not what they expected.

#TheCollectors #SPKProjects #YouTube #ShortFilm #ImprovisedFilm #Film #Crime #Action #Comedy #TaylorSwiftSport
$16 of $500 per month
Reaching this goal will allow me to get the computer upgrades I need to produce high quality Machinima. Not only will the quality of the video increase, but the more complicated and intricate set deigns and storylines will be doable. I will have no limits to what is possible.

I will also be able to start funding and producing more in depth shorts of Britopia. 
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