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Hello my name is Cody, 25 years of age and I am a Florida native.

All my life video games have been a hobby and passion. I spent a mixture of my time growing up outdoors during the day and inside gaming in the evenings. I first took interest in the Nintendo Entertainment System, then the first 2 PlayStation systems, later the Xbox 360 and PC gaming.  I have streamed a few games on Twitch in the past few years, mainly Oldschool Runescape, PS1 games and Pokemon. Additionally I have created videos on youtube of reactions to reicing rare items on Oldschool Runescape. All animals and other forms of life fascinate me . As of late I am attending University to pursue a degree in Entomology which is the science of insects.

During the past 2 years I have been experiencing pain with my limbs, forearms and lower legs, during normal everyday tasks. I haven't had more than a part time job which just covers my college and expenses, so paying for medical treatment hasn't seen anywhere possible. These pains of mine have grown worse over the summer of 2018. 
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