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About Kaden Grossman

hello! i'm a digital artist, who is currently working on two very different comics. the first is 'For the love of hell ( about satan's adopted son and his demon friend, and otaku human friend), and 'Dolfy' a comic-strip style comic about a wholesome little harp seal and his friends. I'm currently at university for animation ( cuz apparently comics isn't in the "art' major area).

as an person, I am a fan of rock, symphonic metal, folkmetal (gotta love those bagpipes and hurdygurdy's), and hard rock. I'm in the LGBTQ community, and show that in FTLOH. (Satan is gay.) durring my free time, I like to play video games, read fantasy novels (The Stormlight Archive by Brandon Sanderson is my fav, as well as Name of the Wind!), and watching youtube vidoes! 
i am in the following fandoms: marvel, supernatural, doctor who, steampunk ( is that a fandom?), and.. a whole bunch that i can't think of off the top of my head.

thank you for visiting my page!

hope you have a great day!

The world sucks, but with art, we can all make it a bit better!

-Kaden Grossman, AKA squarestingray.
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check out the chaotic sketchbook that has nothing to do with my normal art! may include random practice pages, as well as amazing finished sketches!

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I just want to make people smile. happy comics. Wholesome. Yee. (Yay)
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