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About SRO Online Magazine

SRO Online Magazine is Sarasota's only online media source that caters to the OTHER 95% of Sarasotian's who DONT SRQ. SRQ is a persona that gives the impression that a majority of us go to the opera, art galleries, and wine tastings (we do like wine). Nothing could be further from the true heart of Sarasota. We SRO'ers like Tikki Huts, Boat Racing, Fishing, Motorcycling, some of us like shooting, Big Trucks, Craft Beers, Tattoos, we're Foodies, we love Food Trucks, Great BBQ, Off the Chain Sea Food, Live Music, Really Loud Music, and so much more- in other words, WE'RE PROUD FLYOVER FOLKS WHO LOVE LIFE ON THE GULF COAST. 
Pod-Casting, Video Interviews, and everything Sarasota is what you can expect when you SRO with us...
SRO Online Magazine... you can keep the Q

Business owners - we want to interview you at your business, tell all of SROland why your service or product is SRO/Best.
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