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About Starlyn

About Me

Hi y'all! I'm Star, as you can see to the ... left? Right? Where am I? Ahem.

I'm an old lady by my own definition (is mid-30s old?, meh, I feel like it) who is married, and has a son who is wild and adorable. I write and write and write some more. You've probably never heard of me before, but that's okay, I'm trying really hard to change that.

Most of you have probably found me via Twitter, since that's where I do most of my roaming, though I do have a hardly used Instagram account as well. Mostly I put pics of my flowers up on there. Yeah, a writer and gardener, go figure. And a painter, for that matter!

Why I'm Here

Writing is awesome, I've been doing it in some form or another since I could write! It hasn't always been easy to do, with mom life, job life, and so on and so forth, but since becoming essentially broken, I have a lot of time to do whatever I want. Which is great and all, if not for the stupid crippling pain I experience often. Living the spoonie life, with fibromyalgia here, it's really not a great time, and I actually miss having a job. Weird problem to have, I know. As such, my husband has become my and our son's main caretaker, as you can imagine, we're not any sort of rich. Not now, and not really ever. We're okay, but I'd love to find some way to earn some extra money, to do the extras that make life worth living. You buy the necessities to live, but you hope for the extras that give you LIFE.

This isn't a choice we made, it was something that erupted when our son was a few months old, and I took a nose dive in my health very quickly. Trust me, no one wants to be in this sort of position. We both are writers, actually, so you'd be supporting two writers, and one very spunky four year old, to have a life beyond the four walls. Plus, maybe I could afford an editor some day, find myself an agent, and be rolling in the big bucks. Big dreams, but it's better than wallowing in sad reality!

Why Help Me?

Not only do you get to know you're helping a nerdy little family have a small bit of happiness in their lives, but I'm going to make sure to give as many perks as possible.

I have a novel, Eternal Platinum, that is not going to be posted anywhere else, that, I'll be showing off to many of you. My other stories, Gloriously Damaged, I am Early, and And Again, I will be sharing chapters ahead of posting them online on a serial novel site, as soon as one has been chosen (for me, by me, it's all in the air right now) as well as my posting schedule. Not only that, but Eternal Platinum has a side story within it, an anime that one of the main characters love. I'll be working on a graphic novel version of it with my husband. So meta, I know. I'll post updates on that here and here alone, and who knows, maybe we can make a perk down the line that means y'all get first editions!

As I come up with more rewards, I'll definitely post them, and change things up as I'm able to. Want a lousy scribble by me? I'll gladly mail those out. Want a less lousy scribble by my husband? I'll try and get him to do it. Heck, want a painting by me? For the higher end, I'd happily mail out one of my weirdo abstract masterpieces. Can't mail out my plants though, I don't think they'd enjoy the trip.

How Does It All Help?

If I get any support at all, it'll probably be used to entertain my kiddo. We live near arcades and stuff, and he loves them. Or I'll get him a new Hot Wheels, since having a bajillion of them isn't enough. Hahaha.

If we get some heavy support here, it'll help my husband and I maybe get out without the kid once a month. It'll mean I can buy ice cream without feeling guilty, which is a real problem I have. It'll mean I can buy a printer to print off my stuff to edit, since I've been told that's better than editing on the computer. For that matter, I'd buy a computer that doesn't have a few minutes to catch up to my typing at times. Even as I fill this in, it's catching up slowly, and some letters are going missing, I type way too fast. Small goals, big goals, medium goals, I have them all. Every single dollar would help to ease my stress, which means I can write more, and be a little less sad because my illness has made me essentially "useless" around here. I already have loads of grey hair, maybe I'd even use some funds to get a dye job and not look 20 years older than I am, heh.

Sorry for the sad story, this is just reality, unfortunately. My story might not be as cute as many, the dream of a writer who wants to buy a junker car, to travel the country with her dog, writing all her adventures down and getting a publishing deal while having the time of her life, but it's what I've got. No sunshine and rainbows, but a little bit of magic, since that's what I mostly write about!

The End

THANK YOU for reading this far. I know, I'm a bit of a catastrophe. If you support me, you're really supporting all of us. I will do my best to make sure y'all get something worthwhile out of crazy crippled old me, if you support me.

If you can't support me, feel free to spread the word about this sad sack old lady, and her Hot Wheels loving husband and child. Yeah, both of them.

Hopefully some of my rewards are enticing, but if there's something I've mentioned above and don't have listed yet, PLEASE let me know if you're interested, and I'll try to make a change!