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Ello people!
Welcome to me page. My names Tom, I'm a 27 yr old painter livin' in Brighton, England. This page is my opportunity to;
  • Show my latest work, 
  • Share thoughts on art & life,
  • and to interact with you! 
Being an artist can sometimes be a solo thing - so I am here to build a community of followers and fellow artists on Patreon where we can help promote art & creativity together. Creativity is as natural to life as breathin' & sleepin. I hope this page & my work may inspire you.

This page is also an opportunity for people to support what I do. I look at Patreon much like a busker with his hat out. I'll do my thing and if you dig it, pop some pennies in the pot to keep it happening. Anywho without further ado, please, read on..!

A little tale, if you will..
Whenever I read about the lives of Monet or Renoir, kickin' about some corner of Paris, painting in the station or heading to the bathin spot to paint, I can't help but be reminded of myself. I spend all my time painting and thinking about painting. At times it totally consumes my thought.
What I recognise about myself is that  I am a good painter, and that if I keep following this path, I can be a pretty great painter. Please dont get me wrong, I don't think I'm there yet; but I have alot of belief in my determination, and a great appetite to grow. My hero Monet, from the age of 20, until his 80's, spent all his time painting. His whole life he was chasing after the same ambition; to see the world most objectively, and use the human eye most immaterially. To see things as they are.

Monet in brief
On one level, someone could look at Monet's work, and they could see pretty images of lily ponds, meadows & morning skies. But Monet's ambition went deeper; he wasn't painting the pretty meadows or churches or train stations; His eye - with curious intent - was always trying to capture the atmospheric effect upon the Earth; nature itself. Changing and blossoming as it always is, it was his life's ambition to follow the flow of nature.

This is my goal too. Only, rather than painting the atmospheric effect upon the Earth, I wish to paint the atmospheric effect upon people; how, the same way, on some hillside one lonesome cloud may pass across, likewise too a lonesome cloud may pass across our soul, or in another moment, perhaps a bright sun may BEAM from within. I wish to capture the changing, atmospheric effect upon people. The moods that move through us, over us, that permeate delicate, intricate details of our character and shape us.. How we shape to them.

Why impressionism?
I feel it's a good step, to return to impressionism, and the ideas they were introducing. I feel that today in the West, with a growing interest in meditation (mindfulness is now on the NHS!), I wish to make a link between impressionism and spirituality. My whole thing with painting is trying to match the impressionist eye with the meditative eye. When I look at the works of Monet in particular, I see a man who saw the moment - everything in bloom, every particle, every petal, all blossoming for this moment.. My ambition is to further this association, and thus help to introduce people to how we can see the world if we are looking at it with awakened eyes.

Tom on Patreon
I'll be using Patreon to:
- Show my latest work
- Share time lapse videos of the paintings being created
- Occasional 'life round up videos', I call them my 'Rolling Document'.
Watch here: Rolling Document episode one and Rolling Document episode two
- Share with other people with similar aspirations. Creativity, to me, is the natural state for human beings, and I have alot to say about it. Im excited to get the conversations started already..!

When looking back at the work of artists I love, I always think, god, if only I could see over their shoulder whilst they're at work. What a pleasure it'd be to see Monet in his prime doin' his thing, or John Singer Sargent slicing away at the canvas, what I'd give to be but a fly in his oil. This is why I always record videos of me painting; because whoever the artist, seeing how the paintings were created, stroke by stroke is a good op. I demonstrates to us 'the work in action' can be an inspiring thing in itself; as whether you agree with the method or not, it's one route to completion.
A few years back, I used to think to myself 'but how were all these great painters of the past able to paint?' some got famous quick, some came from wealthy backgrounds,  but most usually it was through the help of patrons. Whether this was Michelangelo & the church, or Renoir with charming Mr.Choquet, Patrons (aka people who want to be of benefit to the arts) have always shown a helping hand. I am very excited to find Patreon, and to have the chance in this day and age to reach a global audience with my work.

As I said at the top, I hope Patreon may simply be but my buskers cap. I'll do my thing and if you dig it, pop some pennies in the pot to keep it happening. This is the way I feel art should be supported, and I think today, more than ever before, we have this opportunity with the Internet. 

An artist today could be supported by a hundred happy hands all giving one pound a month over the internet. 

Whats on the horizon?
In September I have my 1st solo exhibition coming up! I thought now is a good time to launch my page on Patreon, as this exhibition feels something of a landmark in the early days of my life as a painter.. I am spending all my time painting for that and will explain more in some exhibition specific posts & videos. 

I'm writing what I call a 'manifesto of sorts'. I recognise that over the last couple of years I have developed an efficient work flow, and I would like to truthfully tell it. Share what I've discovered. It'll be all about keeping yr foot on the ball and yr eye on the goal.

In October I'm heading to India. I'll be living in Dharamsala for 3 months and getting involved with the Tibetan community.Being by the Himalayas, I'll have a fantastic opportunity to further my landscape painting too, in a totally new & exciting environment.

I'll be in India for the next six months, and will be travelling round, so this is my time to reflect, and hone what I've learnt, and develop it further. The revolution will begin after this tour. I consider the next six months an opportunity to create a body of work in India, and I want to keep the strings on that body of work largely loose & undefined. I hope you have fun watching it grow.
$0 of $80 per month
This is my 1st goal. I reckon 80 dollars is about the right amount to keep me painting each month. It'll allow me to refill my paints, brushes, canvases etc. Which means I can paint without worryin about 'where I'll get the next canvas from'. A blessing to any painter :)
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