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About StatTrakJack


I've started this Patreon so my fans can help support me in another way. Please don't feel obliged to  pledges or donate, this is only extra. Other than Patreon the best way to support me is retweeting and reposting my songs and videos.  

Why Have I Started a Patreon?

I've currently got a job which pays minimum wage. If I receive enough patreon donations each month I'll be able to spend more time on the stream, videos and music because I won't have to work over time as often. It will also allow me to invest in better recording equipment.


I'll be honest, I can't really offer much in terms of physical rewards or benefits but I can offer shout outs in every video, early releases and sneak peaks. 

Thank You

If you've decided to donate, I can't thank you enough. Even $1 would mean so much because it shows that you support me and have faith in my work. Just know that any money you donate will genuinely be helping me.


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For recording equipment for videos and music
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