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This is the lowest amount i'll be offering for those who simply want to support my channel and twitch channel to help me out if you enjoy my content. 

While both rewards are different amounts this one is the main reoccurring one i'll be pushing in general.

Game Requests
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By Pledging this amount you'll have the ability to suggest games I never played before and ones I have already played that you may have liked to be recorded via Youtube Lets Play or Twitch Live Stream. Could be old school PSOne Classic or a modern PS4 title. I'm not good with games like rockband so that's likely off the table though

Also as a special bonus for selecting this reward i'll also create a special poll on my twitter account to which any of the games selected will all be played from the order of highest rated to lowest rated(in the future).
So don't think your choice of game won't ever be played. It will, just not immediately.

This perk doesn't have to be reoccurring but you can if you want to select other games in the future(new games and old) that you would want to play as a lets play or twitch stream.   :)




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I've been struggling to find a job and i would like to bring my hobby of video games whether on youtube, twitch, or both, as a way to make some additional funds to support me. I'm not looking to turn this into a career or a replacement for an actual job but a supplementary side job where i can save money and put some money towards newer games, and various dlc's or electronic accessories to help my hobby

If you have watched any of my videos on youtube or twitch and enjoy the commentary or gameplay and would like to support me and my content then please do so. This is a no strings attached deal the choice is yours and I'll only bring it up once in a video. All future mentions will be left on the channel about me page, descriptions in video or on my main Twitch channel. 
I'm not going to bombard anyone to become a patreon, i know people have done this in the past but i'm simply just offering a method for anyone willing to support me if they want to.   :)

Thank you so much everyone who has watched my videos and has enjoyed my content. This page and my channel is still a work in progress but my enjoyment of video games and passion for them is what I want to continue playing on the side. 

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