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What Am I?
I spontaneously decided to become a creator even though I have literally no experience in this field besides some minor drawing... So in all honesty Patreon is something I have very little knowledge about but I plan on doing the best I can ^,..,^ All I really got is my personality and my ability to create some abstract art at the moment but I hope to give back hooking content that you'll enjoy.

I started up a YouTube channel which you can find me under the name "Stealth - Claws" and started working on new original art pieces. I'm a part time artist that would like to spread my original art to anyone I can • v • I'm also a college student trying to make it somewhere in this world. With your help I hope to put my art on clothing and accessories :3 I want people to wear my art and spread my symbolic messages... I give each drawing it's very own description but you may interpret it however you like. Each piece is drawn up by me then go under many edits, till finally photographed, filtered and published.

My drawings are completely original. Although some may seem like they were digitally drawn I assure it was drawn on paper and just photographed with a filter. To reinstate all art posted is drawn on paper not on computer. I am currently teaching myself how create my work on a drawing Tablet. So that one day I can proceed my goals on a more professional level.

For now my first drawing is called Evolve’. Evolve’ is meant for those who take whatever is thrown at them and learn to push past it. Evolve’ is meant for those who battle life head on, recalling that no matter what they’re facing they can adapt to the challenges before them and evolve into better forms of themselves. We are capable of doing incredible things when we let go of what’s holding us down and believing we can rise up. I need your help in turning my art into wearable Product. Either way I appreciate any help anyone can give in making my dream a reality.

My website is slowly coming together here is the site if you are interested.

I apologize for not having any actual rewards to give out to patreons at the moment. If you read all this you'd know that I am still at a beginner level in content/product creating. So why should you pledge? The short answer is unless you want to! The only thing I could possibly send Patreons is a watermarked original drawing/sketch(cause a lot of my extras are in sketch forms till I round up to final copies).

Art pieces are posted everso often but YouTube videos will be posted once a month minimum at my channel Stealth - Claws here's the link I hope you enjoy ^,..,^
Thank you for taking the time to read these words and thank you for all your support. <3

Here is my social media and very own website that I put together myself.

Instagram: stealthclaws  or
Twitch: StealthClaws   or
Paypal:   (In case monthly don't float your boat and you still want to support me.)

The website is meant to hold evidence of progress while Instagram, Facebook & Twitter hold quick updates and or ideas.

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