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About Alex Lemcovich

Who is this?

My name's Alex and I like to talk about Stealth Games. I'm also known for getting to the point:

The Idea


Imagine a video channel focused on creating mini-documentaries about Stealth Games; talking about how they work, how they've evolved, interviewing the people behind them and analysing the great successes - and shortcomings - of the Stealth Genre. An online archive of stealth gaming history, lore and analysis, available to viewers across the world.

This is what I'm building.

With every Stealth Docs video we will discuss the nature of the humble Stealth Game. Episodes will take the form of critique, reviews and analysis videos. We'll explore worlds of endless shadow and trickery, the developers that created them and the characters who dwell in them... Together.

If my audience grows, I'll be able to put more time, production values and energy into Stealth Docs, to the point where it's an interesting resource for anyone who's into Stealth Games.

I take pride in my work. You will only get the best I can possibly give, regardless of how much time it takes. Hopefully my videos so far have proven this to be true.

So... Will you join us?


As a Patron, you'll get all the inside info on what I've got in the production pipeline, as well as direct communication with me here on Sneaky Sponsors get their names or desired aliases in the credits. Further rewards will be announced in due course.

I hope you'll consider sponsoring me for a dollar or more, and that you continue to enjoy my work. :)
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