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My reward for now is to start this new channel from scratch and work on it as hard as I possibly can. You can have full knowledge that you are directly assisting in my work and return.
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I'll be creating a direct contact link, feel free to ask me anything, advice, youtube, games, life itself.  I'll try to do this reward tier with all my Patreon members but you guys will get priority.

Your name will be in the description of all upcoming videos. Thanks mates.




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About StealthGamerBR

In August of 2015 my Youtube channel was terminated with no warning or explanation given by Google, even after many dozens of stressful hours of sending emails and filling forms.
When my channel was terminated, I lost several years of hard work and a crucial source of income. I recovered only 16 of my 140 videos, some of my best work was lost forever. Hundreds or thousands of hours of work perished. 
 My motivation to continue was hit hard, and it was also quite impossible to continue to invest time in my passion the same way I was used to. The money I got from Youtube was used to pay for college, and also for new games and hardware. It devastated the self-sustaining routine I had developed that allowed me to work on my channel for these years. I had to completely restructure my life and work longer hours to fill that hole. My new channel is still a tiny fraction of the size and help of what my old one was.
 You can find it here:
I'm doing my best to start again, but without the money that I was getting from Youtube and relying on, my hands are tied. I'm doing my very best.

If you like my work and really want to help me, now would be a great time. I would very much appreciate your donations. Please help me to continue to make videos and get my new channel off the ground.

Thank you for everything and all the best!
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If some of you get together and sponsor me, it means I can spend some time every month making videos instead of working my day job. This would be a start.
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