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  • ·Group Search access
  •  No limit on Historic Friends (more than 100 shown) ** Not related to the level 2 message on profiles with no current friends / hidden
  • ·See Mutual friend count on friends list
  • Access to Patron only Friend remove tracker *own account
  • You will be added to the  patreon list on SteamID
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  •  Patron role on the SteamID Discord 
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  • Bronze features plus the following:
  • Access to NameHistory text search (860 million+ names)   
  • Unrestricted Previous names / namehistory with timestamps (not cut short) 
  • Higher daily webhook limit (50,000 to be confirmed) 
  • CSV exports of Data from SteamID, Namehistory,Friends,Groups
  • Profiles not showing current friends, You can view historical 
  • Live status up on avatar finder (If feature is active)
  • Higher avatar finder limit (If feature is active)

Includes Discord benefits



About &

What is SteamID?
SteamID & SteamArchive is a massive multi server website that archives Steam data to produce stats, find old friends and help hunt down cheaters and scammers. SteamID generates and displays over 1 million pages per day with tens of millions of database rows being checked / updated. 

SteamID Started back 10 years a go with a vision of helping catch out cheaters & scammers. It has supported the community well at this however its been a long journey especially with the growth and unexpected heavy use of this service, But it could be better... this is where i decided to reach out with patreon.

How SteamID works?
SteamID uses the SteamAPI to poll for non personal data about a Steam Account and records data of significance. It provides access to this data in different ways and allows for searching.
Data is sent between SteamID servers within its own network, Stored and processed to be accessed back again as quickly as possible. 

SteamID also has its own API which other developments have been using to produce apps and features of their own.

How can i link my SteamID login to Patreon to get the features?
- Any issues please message via patreon OR via discord 

What will be support mean?
First of all supporting SteamID will be an investment in its infrastructure to build a faster SteamID network and allow me to provide more development on the website. I use the Advert revenue to help pay for the server costs both Rented and Physical Server gear.. the cost of reliable storage on the scale of SteamID is not cheap unfortunately, Electric costs also seem very high here in the UK!

Collectively as i write this there is something like 28 Cpu Cores and over 222 GB of ram between all of the servers that run SteamID with countless hard drives, SteamID now runs 2 x 480GB SSDs and 2 x 1TB SSD's with an 8TB data array which is raided for speed and safety, with pairs if 15K SAS drives and other pairs of storage drives,  Backup servers are raided also so the Storage costs multiply, It runs into £X.XXX's 

Here is my home rack which runs some of the SteamID services (Picture is a bit outdated)

A quick walk though from May 2018

Examples of some patron features

*If you use SteamID patron features to deceive people you may find your SteamID account is restricted on the feature being abused- You will still be able to access the patreon site as a patreon. If you are banned for abuse you wont be able to access your account.

Some data limits may change so please review before pledging. Any pledges before the date of change will keep the limits prior to change (So if you're a member and it changes to a lower limit, you will keep the higher limit for as long as you pledge)
54% complete
I cant see this goal happening but if ever it did it would allow for some serious development work, increased capacity and expidite growth 
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