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I have successfully, at this stage, inducted you into my loyal band of follows. Small, but loyal. I mean. Probably. At this stage you aren't doing this for any reward at all, you're just trying to help me live, and for that I will heap endless thanks upon you. Thank you, thank you, thank you so much. <3
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Ever wanted to alpha/beta-read my work? Laugh at the hilarious typos that I (maybe deliberately) lace my work with because I type too fast to think? Tell me my story is derivative at best and a rip-off of Yojimbo at worst? This is the tier for you. I will let you read anything I write before I finalise it.

And also love. <3

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Okay. Herein is where I will alpha/beta-read YOUR stuff. I'll offer my opinion if requested, correct typos and syntax errors that I spot, and generally give you feedback as requested. Though I reserve the right to take time over it if you've recreated War And Peace or the Akira manga.




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Hi folks. My name is John.

Here, you can find my weekly blog, Culture Shock & Writer's Block:

And here, you can find my DeviantArt page:

I write things, I think things, I do things, and I exist in a world wherein money is necessary for survival. Thus, it is my pledge that, should you pledge a certain amount of monies to me per month, that I will perform various and sundry writing tasks as delineated within the pledge sections relevant.

I would like to thank anyone that is even looking at this page for your support and general goodness. At this stage, we could all do with some more of that in our lives.
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This absolutely fictional and dreamlike goal would allow me to actually focus entirely on writing full-time. I wouldn't need to work a day job, probably. So um. There's that.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 8 exclusive posts

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