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I will mention you at the end of all of my future videos as a dedicated patreon supporter :)
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All of the above, and I'll give you early access to music drafts and WIP's that may or may not be released at some point.
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All of the above, and after I release a new song, I will send you an mp3 track of it as well as other previous songs, free of charge. (Well... aside from having to donate...)




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By pledging, you're helping me for future projects and possible equipment upgrades so I can put out higher quality content, as well as helping me travel out to different cons and venues for live shows! For pledging, you'll receive exclusive pre-release content from future projects, as well as special thanks in my videos for your support! :)

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I'll try to find a better computer for me to run a better music software, so that I can produce better music.
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