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If you are reading this now, let me thank you for considering to help me out.

But why should you?

Long story short:
I have a long list of projects that I want to release, but I want to use a high quality professional camera to film them instead of my crappy phone, which is incredibly frustrating to work with, and doesn't reach the video quality that I am aiming for.

The new camera costs 1195$, so I need some financial aid to be able to afford it. You can help me reach my goal of consistently producing videos of the highest possible quality, and bring life to projects that no one has done before. 

So, if you would like to donate a little of your own money to me, I would be more than delighted - every dollar brings me one step closer to my goal of releasing one video per month :)
Quality > Quantity

Also, you are helping a stressed out university student that just moved out to survive in the world, and to buy some food now and then. 

Thank you! I wish you all the best.


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Thank you a lot!
per creation
You are actively helping me get one small step closer to pursuing my passion and create new videos on a consistent basis - Thank you!

Access to all patterns and concept drawings
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You will receive photocopies of over 20 detailed concept drawings, as well as the patterns for every knife featured in future videos. 

Each took about an hour to design, and you'll be able to accurately build the knives I make yourself!

Detailed critique of your work and help on how to improve it
per creation
Send me pictures of your work if you're not sure what (or how) you could do better. 

I'll give you detailed insights on what aspects you can improve, and share my techniques on how to do so.

Get one step closer to mastering the art of knife making!

Thank you so much - Recieve a hand-carved gift!
per creation
Thank you for supporting me and enabling me to do what I love. I really do appreciate it.

You will recieve a little hand-made surprise gift that I carved and a written thank you letter, where ever you live.

$0 of $150 per creation
New Camera --> New Videos

With 150$ per creation, I'll be able to afford buying a Sony DSC-RX10 M2, and finally start filming new projects with brilliant video quality.
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