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I want those who support me to be actively involved in the content I produce. You will get to vote on and suggest the games I cover, and even get to be involved in some live streaming multiplayer events, just for being a supporter! You will also get a free download of the Alan Wake piece when it is completed.
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You still get to have a say in the content I produce like everyone else, but this tier will score you an invite to a monthly Google Hangout where we can discuss the content more in-depth. You will also get a free download of the Alan Wake piece upon completion, and be invited to a private stream every time I play through another chapter of the game.




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About Stephen Heller

UPDATE: First piece has been announced!

Thanks for stopping by my Patreon page!

My name is Stephen Heller, and I'm a freelance games journalist working out of Melbourne, Australia. I've been working for a number of publications over the last five years, ranging from small indie outfits such as MMGN, leading up to a few articles in Game Informer and Game Front last year. The problem with these large publications is they often don't have the space, nor the audience to sing the praises of indie games and the development stories behind them. I understand why they can't, but my aim this year is to provide some awesome coverage about the games I care about.

If you decide to support me, what can you expect to see? I'll be creating a series of gameplay videos checking out the latest indie releases, features that will go into the development process and the formation of studios, reviews and a few other interesting things here and there. I'm also planning a long-form release this year about Alan Wake and why that game resonates with me personally. I'm not entirely sure what this project is going to be just yet, but all my Patreon supporters will have behind the scenes access and get a free download when it's done.

I'll also be having community gaming sessions, Google Hangouts to discuss several topics with you all, and if you have an opinion you want shared, I'll do my best to highlight it.

So how does Patreon work? You can choose to support me with a monetary donation for each piece of content I produce, starting from $1. You can also set a monthly limit, so for example if your limit is $5 a month and I release a tonne of stuff, you will never pay more than your limit.

Thanks so much for stopping by. I can't wait to go on this journey with you.
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  • You will get access to the Patreon Stream where I will be posting regular updates, discussions, and asking for your input as to what games you want to see covered
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