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Social Media is troubling to me as an artist. Social Media has become a dangerous place where people choose Partisanship over civility. At one point I decided to just use social media as a tool to promote my music only to find pitfalls here. It's so hard to stand out and to get anyone to notice what you are sharing. It's no place for sensitive types. 
I believe there are 3 stages to music, 1) Writing,
2) Production, 3) Sharing. While I've done an awful lot of step 1 and 2, sadly I've failed miserably at the third.
I really can't say why a simple photo I take can generate a great reaction receiving close to 100 likes , while a song I've poured my heart and soul into will usually receive less than 5 of these coveted likes. Perhaps I've shared too much. I have released in excess of 25 albums since 2004. 
Perhaps people take music for granted and don't truly understand that some people in this world are born to create music and there is little if any financial reward and those likes are about all we have as a reward thanks to streaming services like Spotify, which I despise.
Anyone who arrives at age  50 and feels that they haven't accomplished  what they set out to do  in life will question themselves, maybe wonder "Why The Hell am I doing this?", while others fumble in the dark carrying on with no clue how to stand out. In short it is often humiliating and depressing. 
I've been told I release so much music and it's hard to know where to begin. 
Let's start there. 
Let me be your guide. 
First thing I want to say in launching this campaign is this is not crowdfunding. 
If you donate a minimum of just $15 dollars a month you will receive a CD that represents part of my overall artistic vision every month for at least 10 months. Each month you donate you will receive a best of CDR from the many projects I've been involved with including Claire On A Dare, The Arctic Zone and my solo work just to name a few.
This way if you really want to investigate the music I've been creating over the last 20 years, You can do it one CD at a time. If  you feel you  have heard enough after a few months simply cancel your donation. 
The Campaign gets under way officially in January with Clarification (The Very Best Of Claire On A Dare). A $15 donation will get you this signed CDR along with the track list  in a folder that can house each subsequent CD.
In closing,  I hope to have some success (even small) with this campaign. I hope people will get behind it and I can feel that step 3 of the process is something that is really happening . 

Let's Rock 2020 and support music. Without support from you, artists will struggle, bands will breakup, a good  example of this is the recent demise of my band Claire On A Dare. Your favorite bands once needed this support, sadly some of them still do despite crazy success in the past, it's just the way the industry has changed it's sad. 
If people do their part, it doesn't have to be this way .
I look forward to mailing off many CD's a month, I hope there are those of you reading this that will consider a simple $15 donation a month. 

Thank You for Your Time
Steve Dix 

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