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Hi guys, a creator on youtube since 2015 (before then I did have one I started before then). 
I upload twice a week and once a month. 
Decided to set an account up although only having 800 + subs, as I've been advised too on the off chance as all donations would go to better equipment, making it easier to record regularly. With poor lighting, not the microphone I'd personally like to be using and a webcam I'd love to be able to invest in new equipment and props to make better quality videos. I do have a DSLR but can't seem to get it running properly at the moment with a busted laptop and other accessories for it needed to record.
All donations will be very much appreciated and put to good use, whether this gets any attention or not will not affect continuing to record as and when I can, I started ASMR as it was a huge help for me at one stage in my life and will continue to do it for others regardless and I would love to thank all my viewers (regular and newcomers) in supporting my channel just by suggesting videos and watching them.
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I will do a personalised video for a random patreon when I reach this goal.
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