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                                         Welcome to Sterling Street!
     This began as a way for me to offset some of what I've been losing to piracy but I became very excited about connecting with my readers in a more direct way and building an interactive community. I want this to be a place where we can immerse ourselves in the K. Sterling universe and Lake Cliff. I've already made some beautiful friendships with my readers through social media and it's been a loving and supportive experience for me that I'm hoping I can share with all of you. Come in, stay and be kind to yourself and each other.

    Sterling Street will grow every day with extra content based on your favorite characters. You can check in on past couples and their Happily Ever Afters and get updates on Lake Cliff and sneak peeks. You'll get to see and sometimes help me brainstorm and listen to the music that inspires me. I'll share photos and recipes so you can see the guys who I think look like my guys and try their favorite foods. I'm working on exciting projects to share in the future and hope you'll tell me what you'd like to see. Tell me about the men you'd like to meet and how I can make Lake Cliff more real for you.

                                        A Note About Patron Rewards:

     Your eBooks will be mailed directly to you via email as an ePub you can download to any device. I email those myself, manually, so please allow time for me to see your pledge and get it out to you. I will do that as quickly as I possibly can!
     I apologize deeply to my international Perverts! In order to cover the difference in shipping charges, I've had to create international packages for a slightly higher rate. Please don't be mad at me!

     In order to make sure I can cover the cost of each swag bundle and shipping, patron rewards will be shipped at my discretion. I'll do my best to get them to you as soon as I can and deliver the highest quality merchandise possible. Though handmade crafts are definitely...from the heart.
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