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As Air Rifle enthusiast we all watch YouTube reviews on the latest and greatest rifles and equipment. But as we all know, 99% of the reviewers we watch are given rifles from the manufactorers or from gun shops that they have agreements with. Therefore these reviewers have skin in the game to maintain their relationships and will shy away from giving bad reviews. This of course means that you do not get the full picture and more of a sales pitch as it is basically paid for advertising.

This is where my channel Airgun Catanonia is different. I do not take equipment or sponsorship from the shops or manufacturers and instead source all of my review items from my fellow subscribers. This means I can tell the truth about them item, the good, the bad and the ugly without fear of reprisals. When I review a rifle, I will tell you exactly what I think of it, warts and all and hopefully this helps you decide whether the rifle is right for you or not. None of that sales pitch, you get the low down on the item.

Now of course since I don't receive free items or sponsorship, the channel relies on YouTube advertising and doesn't at this time support itself. I have to put much of my own cash to keep the channel running to supply these reviews for you. 

That is why I am asking you to become a Patreon of my site with the firm commitment that every penny will go directly back into the channel to help make it self funding and encourage me to continue to produce review videos for you.
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Kalibrgun Cricket .22 Loan
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Loan of my Kalibrgun Cricket and ATN-X Sight II HD Scope for 1 week.
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I have set a very small goal for myself of $300 a month to help the channel become self sufficient.

Currently I am putting in more funds than the channel gives back through advertising and hopefully with your pledge, I can cover the cost of collecting review items and pellets to test them. With your support hopefully I can continue the unbiased and un-sponsored reviews for you to watch.
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