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About SteveBizBlog

Thank you for checking out my Patreon page!

There is a ton of effort and expenses that are required each month to keep the SteveBizBlog engine turning. For many years now I have funded this effort entirely on my own.  But as we continue to grow it is no longer sustainable for me alone to fund this effort, and that is where I could use your help.

I would love your financial assistance through monthly micro-contributions (Starting at just $1.00), so I can continue to provide the FREE and thought-provoking business content to cash-strapped small business owners so that entrepreneurship, the backbone of our economy, can continue to prosper.

Who am I:

My name is Steve Imke and I am a serial entrepreneur. I have created several successful employer-based businesses that I sold earlier in my career. Today, I live off the passive income from the investments I made with the proceeds of those business sales. However, rather than build yet another business to continue enriching myself, I have chosen a different path at this point in my life and that is to help enrich the lives of others, who also have the dream of business ownership, by sharing my unique small business knowledge and insight on what it takes to start and operate a successful small business.

Since 2002, I’ve helped thousands of entrepreneurs achieve their business ownership dreams by volunteering as a mentor with SCORE and also as a volunteer consultant with a local Small Business Development Center (SBDC). I continue to be very active in both of these organizations but helping local entrepreneurs was not enough. I felt I could do more, a lot more.

The journey:

So, in January 2014 I began In the beginning, it was just a way to archive key business concepts and lessons for my SCORE and SBDC clients that I could point them to as a reference source and to provide them with some free tools like spreadsheets and templates to help them become successful business owners. However, because of the boundaryless nature of the internet, soon, I was helping people from all over the world realize their business ownership dreams too.

The feedback I continue to receive about how a single nugget of business wisdom I shared on SteveBizBlog helped to crystallize an idea in a readers mind and how implementing that idea changed the whole trajectory of their business continues to fuel my passion for this work. Today there are close to 900 thought-provoking posts containing thousands of nuggets of business wisdom and those numbers continue to grow each week.

Each week I personally devote 50 or more hours either researching and writing new content for my audience or volunteering as a mentor and consultant so I can understand the issues that keep entrepreneurs up at night.

Most of my peer’s do not have the luxury of providing this level of free content and have to charge their clients for their knowledge so they can continue enriching themselves financially. Unfortunately, businesses that are either just starting out or desperately trying to achieve profitability just don’t have the cash flow to hire a quality consultant. As a result, many of these businesses simply fail or never reach their full potential which is very sad.

My personal pledge:

The way I see it, small business ownership is not only a dream but also the foundation of our success as a society. Therefore, as a way of giving back for the business success, I have personally enjoyed in my life, I have pledged that I’ll always share my small business wisdom for free to help grow the small business community that is so vital to our national prosperity.

The challenge:

Unfortunately providing this free content so that others can succeed does not come without real costs on my part.

In addition to the typical hosting fees and paid tools that are required to keep the content engine moving forward, I employ several part-time support resources to help me produce the quality content that so many people rely upon to start and grow their business.

I employ an editor to edit my work, as I’m a flaming dyslexic and a social media manager so I can continue to reach more entrepreneurs with my business changing content. I also employ a website developer as well as a bunch of tools experts to keep continuing to operate smoothly.   Here is my core team:
Social Media
Web Developer
Because the expense of providing thought-provoking content continues to rise, I've struggled, for some time, to find ways which will help me cover the escalating direct expenses as we explore new avenues to reach more and more people with my free quality content. Unlike many for-profit businesses that use a value ladder of ever-increasing levels of offerings to extract more and more money from their client to cover expenses and make a profit, I offer all my content to free.

I have considered selling some of my time, in exchange for money, as a small business consultant like many of my peers; God knows I have had plenty of offers but I know that I can do more as a content creator devoting my time and energies to aid cash-strapped business with free and actionable nuggets of wisdom to help them succeed then as a personal mentor or paid consultant to just a few.  

The use of proceeds:

This Patreon campaign is for people who are willing to help me cover the wages of the support resources that make possible. Additionally, the funds collected will cover some of the direct expense to get my free thought-provoking small business content into the heads of entrepreneurs so they can transform their business from ordinary to extraordinary during their most fragile financial periods of development. Finally, we plan to use the funds to extend our organic reach with advertising linked to free giveaways so we can change the lives of even more entrepreneurs.

The Ask:

We would love it if you could make whatever level of monthly contribution you can afford to allow us to continue on our journey of keeping SteveBizBlog content 100% FREE.  To help ease the pain of contributions we are offering several reward levels so help justify your support. 

If you can't help financially that is ok too but please share our campaign information on your social platforms so others can have the opportunity to contribute to our campaign. 

Entrepreneurs everywhere are willing to risk their own personal fortunes to realize the dream of business ownership. With your help, we can make a huge difference in their success rates.  And by doing so, also help propel the economy that is so reliant on small business to new heights.  

Many thanks,
Steve Imke
$25 of $125 per month

Direct expenses and editing

For 5 years now, I have footed the bill to cover hosting fees, paid for plugins and other tools and employed a part-time editor to edits my blog posts that all make SteveBizBlog function.

Meet Sarina my editor from Canada

Meeting this goal will cover the absolute basics necessary to continue delivering free content to all.
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