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About Steve is Board

Hi I'm Steve, I make tabletop gaming videos on the Youtube channel SteveisBoard

The types of games I cover in my videos
  • Board games
  • Miniature war games 
  • and especially roleplaying games 
(also there's a LOT of STAR WARS games if that's your thing)

The types of videos I make 
  • Tutorials
  • Reviews
  • Gaming News

My Current Schedule
1-3 vids weekly
90% complete
I've been on and off youtube for many years now and a big part of the reason I've been "off" is because some vital piece of equipment breaks down and I have to get it replaced. With this tier I'll be able to afford to put away a bit of cash every month into an "Oh, SHIT! Fund" so massive equipment failure will be a bit less of an issue.
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