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As a Start up company we sometimes struggle with the funding of creating a video game. Through Patreon we hope to expand our fan base and also raise some funds to complete our projects.

Our current project is a PC Survival Role Playing Game named Telnarus. We will release it on Steam and we hope to gain your support for our Green Lite program which will begin soon.

With your support we can develop our assets quicker and release our game sooner! 

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June through July of 2014 saw the KICKSTARTER campaign of Sticky Flames’ Battles of Telnarus!
A total of $2,600 was raised!

Battles of Telnarus [Beta] released on Android!

Tap it UP! Was released on Android!

Telnarus Runner [Beta] was released on Android!
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Thanks! Every little bit helps! People like you helped us develop our games! Visit our website for the latest news!
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