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About Zina

Who am I and what do I do:

All I've ever wanted to do was write for a living.

I learned to read and write as a toddler and then promptly picked up a pencil and wrote on every single surface that I could. Fast forward to over twenty years later and I'm still writing everywhere that I can. Thankfully, I'm much better at writing now than I was when I was four.

My background is largely in History (both of my degrees so far are in that field) but I'm also studying intersections of identity in comic books and related literature for my MA in Literature. I apply that background to what I write whether it's in fiction or in the articles and reviews that I do.

You can find my fiction in Fireside Fiction and in the Undercities anthology by Dirty Bird Press. I have also written non-fiction (essays, reviews, articles) for Word of The NerdComicsAlliance,and Strange Horizons. I also have a website where I write about commentary on and criticism of both pop culture and the fandoms it spawns. (NonFiction Masterlist here)

I'm constantly and currently working on projects for my blog Stitch's Media Mix that focus on positive and diverse representation in fandom spaces and in the media we consume.

Any and all support is welcome and appreciated!

$400 – reached! per month
If I hit this goal, I'll not only be able to have a greater financial stability as I look for work, I'll be able to pay for one guest post a month at $60 

This way, I can bring in fresh voices that aren't mine AND pay them a fair price for their hard work!
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