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Hello everybody, my name's Adam. I’m a Comic Artist, and Illustrator. But, if you’ve found your way here than you probably already know that. So I think I’ll just take this space to say how grateful I am for all of you! Thank you, first of all, for just stopping by my Patreon page. Though, even more, I thank my fans and patrons for your support. Any support I am given is a big help to me and my family. It allows me to be able to put in the time to create Comic pages, Illustrations and even videos just for all of you. Because if I didn’t have you to create for there would be no reason to create. All of you make creating so worth while! Again, I’m so grateful for my fans and patrons and any support you can give (because my kids like to eating...jk...but seriously they do)!
God Bless!
Adam Stoak/ Stoaked/ GodsArtist
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